South Zone Cultural Centre

Ministry of Culture,Govt. of India

National Cultural Exchange Programme (NCEP)

   It can be termed as the lifeline of the zonal cultural centers. Under this scheme, various Festivals of Performing arts, Exhibitions, Yatras etc are organized in member states. Artists from other zones/states are invited to participate in these programmes. Participation of artists from the Zone in festivals held in other parts of the country are also facilitated. Zonal Centres also participate in Major festivals happening in Member States by arranging performances during these festivals where large number of audience get chance to enjoy and understand art forms of other regions. These festivals provide opportunity to taste and understand various cultures of our country. This  scheme include  Yatra programmes conducted in rural areas, major festivals of the member states and UTs, collaborative programmes with department of art and culture of member states and UTs, academies ,universities and institutions .