The diverse cultural diversity of South Zone of the country offers pluralistic strata of festivals like the following are being promoted by the Centre 

1.Summer Festivals in Tamil Nadu

2.Saral Vizha in highlands of Tamil Nadu

3.Pongal festival In Tamil Nadu

4.Independence and Republic day celebrations

5.Onam festival in Kerala

6.Navarathri festival in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh

7.Dasara festival in Karnataka

8.Hambi Festival in Karnataka

9.   Island tourism festival in Andamans

10.  Fete –de-Puducherry in Puducherry

11. Attolu Edu festival in Lakshadweep

12.Ugadi  festival in AP

13. Kakatiya festival in AP and Telengana

14. Beach festivals and flower shows

15. Archana festival in Thanjavur